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Chapter 552 border existence
Huang Xujie felt similar to the power and track record he got designed for four years collapsed instantaneously . . .
Unthinkable . . . It absolutely was unthinkable!
“Su Han, can I check out the crimson precious metal hairpin?” Hao Ren required .
“Arrived at me whenever you end with all the organization matters . ” Su Han searched calm but was happy deep inside when she placed the materials into her engagement ring ahead of strolling toward her business office .
Suddenly, the crimson gold hairpin extensive to two yards . Pushing Xie Yujia onto it, Hao Ren organize a red-colored vitality sphere and hurried out of your windowpane of Su Han’s place of work .
“Gongzi!” Seeing Hao Ren and Xie Yujia strolling lower back, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili instantly skipped over and joined them .
Su Han was secretly amazed, knowing that the dharma prize was of substantial-stage . Then, she leaped into Hao Ren’s crimson gold bullion hairpin on top of that .
“263,500-yuan!” Xie Yujia assemble the neatly piled charges in a travelling bag and thought to Hao Ren .
Hao Ren looked at her in bafflement, planning, “You explained to me to enhance within a continuous rate instead of rus.h.i.+ng the approach . . . Furthermore, you were in a very great ambiance a second before, but now you transformed sulky unexpectedly . “
In a short morning, the Calligraphy Team possessed become the most amazing, richest and a lot attractive club in Eastern side Seashore University .
Definitely, these were Girl Zhen’s items to Su Han!
She was frank with Hao Ren because her natal dharma jewel was the significant aspect in her success from the perfect tribulation .
With the Thunder Roc Tailbone put in, the dharma treasure’s solidity would be greatly greater, along with the traveling by air pace could well be improved likewise, power-up for your White colored Jade Sword that has been slower .
“In case you can’t, you can let it sit out,” Su Han stated considering the fact that she put a lot more price over the combat energy from the dharma value in lieu of its quickness .
He kept in mind that anytime he required your purple rare metal hairpin to demonstrate it to Su Han, these matters obtained not experienced listed here . Young lady Zhen must have put them into here when she linked their conversation .
Su Han’s business office was set up quite stylishly, a compare to your your kitchen in their property . . .
“Visit me any time you end along with the organization matters . ” Su Han checked calm but was satisfied deep inside when she placed the components into her diamond ring ahead of walking toward her business office .
“All right!” Nodding, Xie Yujia walked toward the western door from the college . With fantastic house cleaning expertise, she was quite experienced with the business banking method .
Su Han didn’t realize that Lady Zhen had place those things in Hao Ren’s necklace if they have been speaking, and she believed Lady Zhen acquired granted them to Hao Ren well before that . She was pleasantly impressed .
As being a Qian-stage expert, Su Han knew which the technique was authentic and powerful with only one glance .
The individuals other golf clubs have been heart and soul-busted after they saw Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, two lovely women, relocating the workspace for Hao Ren, not knowing the fact that Lu sisters can even lift up the whole of the East Sea College or university effortlessly .
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“I’ve asked Yujia, and she decided to guide,” Hao Ren stated .
“Let’s pay in it in the banking institution,” Hao Ren said casually while he removed the substantial bags .
On the other hand, Hao Ren didn’t want to sign up much more associates considering that most of the dragon cultivators inside the institution except Xu Ke had joined up with the organization .
With all the Thunder Roc Tailbone added, the dharma treasure’s hardness can be greatly enhanced, along with the traveling quickness might be increased too, strength-up for your Bright Jade Sword that was sluggish .
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“Reach me when you complete with the golf club affairs . ” Su Han looked sooth but was delighted inside when she assemble the products into her band right before walking toward her business office .
Hao Ren assemble the purple precious metal hairpin into his necklace and flipped throughout the Alteration Browse in his psychic detects, finding that he possessed indeed realized it .
Hao Ren considered her in bafflement, pondering, “You explained to develop at the consistent pace in lieu of rus.h.i.+ng the approach . . . In addition to, you were in a great disposition a minute in the past, but now you switched sulky out of the blue . “
“Su Han, can I consider the crimson yellow gold hairpin?” Hao Ren requested .
Her body required time for you to get used to a newly-refined natal dharma jewel, but there is one 30 days kept just before she needed to get into the Nine Dragon Palace .
“Gongzi!” Finding Hao Ren and Xie Yujia wandering lower back, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili promptly skipped over and joined up with them .
During the bank outside of the school’s west entrance, Hao Ren place the luggage of funds over the kitchen counter, and also the staff members for the financial institution was all startled whenever the handbags were actually started .
“They merely came out during my pendant,” Hao Ren explained .
During this considered, Hao Ren was amazed and understood that Girl Zhen could destroy him in just one next and get back on the Demon Water in the next!
Su Han was secretly astonished, realizing that the dharma jewel was of substantial-degree . Then, she leaped into Hao Ren’s crimson gold hairpin on top of that .
Hao Ren ended up being needing a good air travel dharma value . He administered metallic-elemental nature fact with it, and the s.h.i.+p flew forwards, journeying at super speed .
“It seems that I have to acquire your Xie Yujia over your Ethereal Summit,” Su Han mentioned .
Xie Yujia inspected materials individually . “The bone fragments is difficult to liquefy, even so the other people are acceptable . “